Get your Raya hijab fix #TPEid2024 🛍️ Get your Raya hijab fix #TPEid2024 🛍️

Jetsetter in Americas

$35.00 $28.00

Pack your bags because holiday travel mode is ON! Featuring landmarks and attractions from around the world, Jetsetter takes you on a tour of these beloved monuments across Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Has your wanderlust kicked in yet?


  • Material: Satin Silk
  • Measurements: 2.0m x 0.65m (shawl)
  • Finishing: Baby Hem
  • Label: Gold Plate
  • Opacity: Level 5 - Totally opaque

Disclaimer: Due to the natural condition of the material, you might see fine lines near the hem, and scarves may not be perfectly rectangular.

WASH & CARE: Hand wash only and DO NOT soak