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TP Perks Reward Program

1. What is TP Perks Reward Program?

TP Perks Reward Program is our loyalty program - designed to show our appreciation and love to our amazing TP ladies for their endless support! You can earn points for shopping and/or connecting with us on social media. The more points you collect, the more Perks you can enjoy! 

2. How do I join?

Super simple! Our TP Perks Reward Program is FREE to join - all you have to do is create an account on our website. Enter your email address and create a password to sign up - and you're now a member! 

3. How does it work?

Three simple process! 

  • JOIN - Create an account to join our TP Perks Reward Program.
  • EARN - Get points for shopping and connecting with us on social media. 
  • REDEEM - Redeem your points and get special discounts!  

4. How do I earn TP Perks Points?

You can earn TP Perks Points in several ways!

  • Create an account - 250 Perks Points
  • Place an order - 5 Perks Points for every BND1 
  • Like on Facebook - 50 Perks Points
  • Follow on Instagram - 50 Perks Points
  • Celebrate a birthday - 350 Perks Points 

5. Do my points expire?

Nope! You can redeem your Perks Points anytime you want.

6. How do I redeem my Perks Points?

You can redeem your points in 2 ways! 

  • Spend points at checkout: You can choose to spend points at the checkout. Once you have at least 500 Perks Points, you can redeem your points starting at BND5 OFF coupon! 
  • Coupons: Once you reach an eligible number of points, discount code coupon will be sent to your email. To redeem the coupon, you can simply copy and apply the discount code directly at the checkout.
    • 500 Perks Points = BND5 OFF coupon
    • 1000 Perks Points = BND10 OFF coupon
    • 2000 Perks Points = BND20 OFF coupon
    • 3000 Perks Points = BND30 OFF coupon

7. Can I combine my points with any existing discounts?

Oh no, we are very sorry but we do not allow code stacking in a single order. Only 1 discount is applicable per order.

8. Do my purchase prior to my rewards included towards my points earning?

Unfortunately not - you will only be eligible to receive Perks Points on purchases made after becoming a member. Be sure to log in to your account before making a purchase to earn the points! 

9. What happens to my points if I cancel my order?

Cancelled orders are not permitted to earn Perks Points, so points will be removed from your account after your order is cancelled. 

10. When do I see my point adjustments?

Your points can be viewed in your account when you log in onto our website. You will also receive an email notification when you have earned some Perks Points!