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Anyaman - Rotan


Going back generations before us that made the art of weaving traditional mengkuang part of our identity — We’re continuing the walk down memory lane, with TudungPeople’s rendition of the classic, Anyaman.

A classic print that is minimal yet elegant, the Anyaman comes in 3 design variations for shawl and 2 for square with a total of 14colours #TPEid2024


  • Material: Light Crepe Chiffon
  • Measurement: ~ 2.0m x 0.65m
  • Shape: Shawl
  • Finishing: Baby Hem
  • Label: Gold Metal
  • Opacity: Level 5 — totally opaque

CARE GUIDE: Hand wash only. Do not soak.

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that all the photos are captured in a photography studio with bright lights from all angles. The colours are made to the most similar possible. The colours might vary from each computer settings.

Due to the natural condition of the material, you might see fine lines near the hem, and scarves may not be perfectly square/rectangle.