Get your Raya hijab fix #TPEid2024 🛍️ Get your Raya hijab fix #TPEid2024 🛍️

Lite Ribbed in Lemongrass


Welcoming Lite Ribbed to our TP Instant family! Sister to our Lite Cotton Ribbed collection but with improved sizing and silkier fabric, this semi-instant hijab levels up your casual hijab ensemble.

Perfect for long car rides, quick errands or holiday, this instant is for those who are obsessed with comfort. 

Sewn under the chin but with open front ends so you can style as you like. Pin it up or wear it down — comes with an adjustable face opening.


  • Material: Poly Spandex (94% Poly + 6% Spandex)
  • Label: Gold Metal
  • Shape: Semi-instant
  • Finishing: Folded Hem
  • Softness: Level 3 — Ribbed texture has a rougher surface and has slightly less stretchability.
  • Opacity: Level 5 — Totally opaque


  • Face Opening: ~10.5 inches
  • Front Length: ~19 inches
  • Back Drape: ~27 inches